We have over 20 years experience working with OSHPD to successfully deliver client projects

We have over 20 years experience working with OSHPD to successfully deliver client projects

Healthcare Expertise


We know healthcare.

The delivery of patient care cannot stop for construction. Experienced construction personnel and
specialized processes are required to minimize the impact on the environment of care, while ensuring
safety, security and management of risks.


BlackRock HCM has extensive experience in all aspects of new healthcare facility development and the renovation and expansion of existing facilities. We focus exclusively on healthcare projects in the state of California, and have over twenty years of experience working with OSHPD to successfully deliver client projects.


We understand the unique challenges in building healthcare and medical facilities. An effectively planned and well-executed Infection Control and Risk Assessment (ICRA) plan is a key part of each project.


Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) procedures are identified and implemented. We manage procedures to maintain all critical systems, contain dust and noise, and develop a site-specific safety plan while maintaining the comfort of patients, family and staff.


To ensure compliance with constantly improving professional standards, all BlackRock HCM field
personnel complete our proprietary Healthcare training, which we also make available for subcontractors when needed. Our project leaders have completed ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) Healthcare Construction Certification, and have advanced training in infection control procedures and compliance requirements, which ensures a safe and clean environment during the construction process.


The unique demands of healthcare construction require technical knowledge and experience, while maintaining unimpeded operations and quality of care. When your project requires healthcare construction experts, call BlackRock HCM:

  • Functional Knowledge – Expert Construction Management capabilities and best practices ensure the best leadership for your project.
  • Industry Experience – Detailed clinical knowledge to maintain the safety and comfort of patients and staff.
  • Situational Expertise – With over two decades dedicated to OSHPD regulated healthcare construction, we understand the unique challenges and can ensure a positive project experience for you.


Healthcare Expertise

Managing construction projects in the clinical environment requires specialized processes and deep expertise...

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