Use of a professional Healthcare Construction Management consultant improves owner and stakeholder confidence in the potential success of a project.

Use of a professional Healthcare Construction Management consultant improves owner and stakeholder confidence in the potential success of a project.

Benefits of HCM

Healthcare Construction Management (HCM) services rely on qualified personnel with construction, design and management expertise to expand the owner's capabilities so that the owner can successfully accomplish their project.


A healthcare construction manager frequently has a role in both traditional and alternative project delivery methods as a trusted adviser to the owner. In such cases, the Construction Manager may participate in the decision-making process on behalf of and in concert with the owner. This can be particularly helpful in design-build where substantial scope definition responsibility and project control are assigned to the design-builder, and there exists no natural check on the design-builder.


Use of a professional Healthcare Construction Management consultant improves owner and stakeholder confidence in the potential success of the project. This enhanced confidence grows out of the ability of a professional Construction Manager to provide experienced personnel who can provide advice and recommendations regarding:

  • The effective use of available funds
  • Enhanced control of the scope of the work
  • Recommendations regarding various delivery methods suitable for the project
  • Optimal project scheduling options
  • Value added use of individual project team members' expertise
  • Strategies to avoid delays, changes and claims
  • Assist in Designer selection and preparation of Designer's contract
  • Enhanced design and construction quality
  • Optimum flexibility in contracting/procurement options
  • Regulatory management


Comprehensive project controls

Healthcare Construction Management involves a comprehensive management and control effort applied to the project on behalf of the owner, beginning in the early project planning stages and continuing through project completion. It involves the application and integration of comprehensive project controls to the design and construction process and generally includes the following:

  • One or more management plans
  • Development of a written scope understood by all of the participants
  • Detailed project budget based on scope, quality and schedule
  • Development of thorough design criteria for issue to the Designer
  • Design quality assurance throughout the design process
  • Consideration of material, systems and process alternatives
  • Constructability and sustainability reviews
  • Code compliance review
  • Life-cycle cost analyses/value engineering
  • Milestone cost estimating so that design complies with the budget
  • Matching construction spending to available funds
  • Construction specification enforcement
  • Continual schedule monitoring
  • Commissioning


Predictability of outcome

The implementation of these management activities turns the planning, design and construction process into one which maximizes the owner's control over the project's scope, quality, time, and cost, and adds predictability of the outcome from the start of programming to completion of construction.


Early development of the scope provides the information needed to establish a baseline budget and schedule. Because of the continual monitoring of the schedule and project cost over time, the impact of changes and new information on this baseline can be evaluated and managed contemporaneously. The Construction Manager can prepare well-formulated and appropriately-sized construction bid packages, developed during the planning and design process, that are the key to minimizing changes and avoiding disputes and delays during construction. This is the owner's most powerful tool in assuring a positive outcome for the project.



Eliminates conflict of interest

As the owner’s advocate, the Construction Manager exclusively represents the interests of the project owner. HCM promotes a non-adversarial, collaborative team approach between the owner, architect/engineer and general contractor, which minimizes the natural tension between designer and builder and produces a better project result. When an owner implements a project using an agency CM, it allows the owner to make use of advice that is unaffected by any potential conflict of interest. The owner is still able to obtain the advantages of the many procurement methods, but with much greater control over and confidence in the outcome.


Healthcare Expertise

Managing construction projects in the clinical environment requires specialized processes and deep expertise...

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