BlackRock HCM serves as a dedicated owner’s agent, working as an extension of your staff.

BlackRock HCM serves as a dedicated owner’s agent, working as an extension of your staff.

Construction Management

BlackRock HCM offers comprehensive Healthcare Construction Management services in either Agency CM or CM at-risk formats. As Construction Manager, BlackRock HCM serves as a dedicated owner’s agent, working as an extension of your staff. We become involved from the very beginning of the process to represent the owner’s interests in managing scope, cost, schedule and quality.

For each project, we customize a scope of work and assemble and manage a professional team dedicated to your project. Our emphasis on early planning and preconstruction services translates into a professionally managed project with less risk.

We reduce costs through competitive bidding and the application of value engineering processes. Our experience and management process minimizes change orders and maintains project momentum. We ensure quality control, reducing the potential for defects and rework -- and shorten schedules by alleviating bottlenecks and resolving issues quickly. Our rigorous document and budget controls assure proper disbursement of funds and protect clients from unnecessary liability and risk.

However, the most important service we provide is leadership, as a well-managed project produces the most successful results.


Project Planning
Our ability to optimize outcomes starts with a clearly defined plan that incorporates scope and costs to analyze the risks and rewards of the project.
Programming and Design
Managing the process of translating your vision into tangible project requirements, we document project goals and create all required project documentation.
Assembling the right team while managing costs and quality, we create bid packages, analyze proposals and facilitate contracts.
Organizing for success, and determining the optimal strategies for administering the project and managing cost.
Providing comprehensive management support to keep construction on-time and on-budget, while meeting quality and regulatory requirements.
Close out and Occupancy
We complete all final details, manage warranties and transfer facility knowledge to your team in preparation for final occupancy.


Healthcare Expertise

Managing construction projects in the clinical environment requires specialized processes and deep expertise...

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When you are faced with a complex construction project, who you choose to work with can make a big difference.

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