BlackRock HCM Consulting helps you deliver results by providing access to specialized expertise with optimal deployment flexibility.

BlackRock HCM Consulting helps you deliver results by providing access to specialized expertise with optimal deployment flexibility.


For occasions when you need skilled resources to supplement your existing staff or handle special projects, and you just need a single professional or two to get the job done, a BlackRock HCM Consultant can provide cost-effective project resourcing.


BlackRock HCM Consultants work on an hourly basis under your direction.  Focused on our specialization in OSHPD regulated work within the healthcare industry, our Consultants have the experience and expertise to help you deliver healthcare construction projects and serve as a temporary extension of your in-house facilities staff.  We employ only seasoned professionals so they can start adding value as soon as they begin your project.


We provide specialized supplemental staffing in a variety of healthcare construction and facilities related fields, including: 

  • Construction Management
  • Engineering / Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Project Superintendents
  • Field Engineers
  • Skilled Field Mechanics


Staffing your next project with BlackRock HCM Consultants offers many benefits to your organization including: 

  • Gaining access to resources without adding to headcount
  • Converting fixed labor cost to variable
  • Flexibility in meeting peak workload demands
  • Temporary backfill for open staff positions
  • Experienced professionals


In short, BlackRock HCM Consulting helps you deliver results:


Access to specialized expertise – Our portfolio of hand-selected consultants are specialists in the healthcare construction field.  They have the subject matter expertise, industry experience, and situational wisdom to add immediate value without lengthy ramp-up time.


Quality engagement process - Our structured delivery process is customized to your project requirements.  It includes a thorough needs analysis and problem definition at project onset, rigorous consultant screening to ensure proper fit, continual oversight of project progress to facilitate real-time adjustments, and facilitation of knowledge transfer and transition at project close.


Optimal deployment flexibility - Peaks in workload or short-term needs for specialized expertise can be addressed by leveraging a flexible workforce.  By supplementing your existing team with BlackRock HCM Consulting experts, you are spared the high overhead costs associated with additional permanent staff or traditional contractor price structures.  You only pay for the resources you need, when you need them, for only as long as they are needed.


Healthcare Expertise

Managing construction projects in the clinical environment requires specialized processes and deep expertise...

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When you are faced with a complex construction project, who you choose to work with can make a big difference.

  • OSHPD Specialists
  • Exclusive focus on healthcare
  • Hundreds of successful projects

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