Integrating design and construction services to deliver faster, higher-quality, more cost-effective results.

Integrating design and construction services to deliver faster, higher-quality, more cost-effective results.


Design/Build services, while offering many similar benefits of Construction Management services, have one unique difference – a streamlined process.


BlackRock HCM’s Design/Build services provide owners a single source for design and construction services which delivers faster, higher-quality, more cost-effective results.  This method of project delivery effectively eliminates the potential conflict between the architect and contractor by truly integrating the design and construction process from start to finish.

The Design/Build approach allows all team members to make decisions providing greater efficiency, cooperation instead of conflict, and a better project for the time and money invested.  Because the design and construction processes are overlapped, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced.  With this delivery method, our clients can focus on project scope and timely decision-making, rather than ongoing coordination between designer, engineer, architect and builder.

BlackRock HCM provides an experienced team - one that has worked together before, that has no “learning curve,” and is able to jump right into the project.  Under the Design/Build approach, our construction and design teams work hand-in-hand from day one to program, design and construct your project.  Each team member is involved in each step of the process, providing insight and focused expertise along the way.

This “single source” team approach:

  • expedites the project schedule
  • maintains design goals while ensuring constructability
  • manages project costs
  • improves quality of design and construction

Healthcare Expertise

Managing construction projects in the clinical environment requires specialized processes and deep expertise...

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When you are faced with a complex construction project, who you choose to work with can make a big difference.

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